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Our products

Skin Cleanser

Zincoseb spray

Zincoseb® spray contributes to rebalancing the normal production of sebum and promotes healthy, normal skin restoration, by virtue of its soothing and hydrating properties that contribute to reducing irritations. It can be used with cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. 


Zincoseb® spray can be used in cases of:


• Greasy skin
• Dry skin creating dandruff
• Bad skin odour (rancid odour)
• Scarcity of hair
• To facilitate hydration and regularize epithelialization


1. Shake prior to use.

2. Apply Zincoseb® Spray on the entirety of
the coat, until the skin is humid.
Massage 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Do not rince or dry

4. Apply one to two times per day
depending on recommendations of a veterinarian.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri


Bottle of 200 ml


GTIN code 8009722011174


Made in Italy


• Glycerin
• Chlorhexidine digluconate
• Zinc gluconate
• Climbazole
• Extracts of glycolic aloes
• Urea
• Niacin
• Cyclosystem D-Panthenol
• Antimicrobial peptide AMP 126

How to buy our products?

If you are an individual, you can purchase our products from your vet.

Si vous êtes vétérinaire, veuillez utiliser notre page contact pour connaître nos tarifs et modalités de commande.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri