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Skin Cleanser


Linkskin® pills and Linkskin® spray


LINKSKIN ® pills and LINKSKIN ® spray act in synergy by effectively promoting microbiota (algae extracts rich in nutrients and extracts of tamarind, yeast and vitamins D3 for the pill form), contributing to the modulation of inflammation (notably by supplying evening primrose oil rich in GLA for the pills and a topic softening and hydrating solution for the spray), by promoting natural defenses (β-defensin and colostrum in Linkskin® pills) and by limiting the effects of free radicals responsible for oxydative stress (thanks to polyphenols of plant origin). Tyndallized bacteria, L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri, participate in supporting the digestive and cutaneous flora. 



By virtue of the combination of its components, LINKSKIN ® pill and LINKSKIN ® spray contribute to limiting skin and intestinal disorders. They also contribute to strengthening the immune system and modulating cellular agressions caused by free radicals and oxydative stress. 

It's the ideal synergetic association in order to improve skin health and help reduce pruritus and clinical manifestations associated with allergic or atopic dermatitis in cats and dogs. 

Linkskin® pills are complementary dietary feed for cats and dogs. Supports the dermal function in cases of dermatosis and hair removal. 

The use of LINKSKIN ® pills and LINKSKIN ® spray is possible for cats and dogs before 1 year of age, including those that weigh under three kilos, as well together as during periods of suspension of medical treatment.


LINKSKIN ® pills:

Dogs: 1 per day for 10kg of body weight,
Cats: 1/2 pill per day for 5 kg of body weight.

LINKSKIN ® spray:

Apply 1 to 2 times per day over the whole surface of the body or locally until the skin is humid. Do not rinse or dry.

Prior to use, it is recommended to ask for your veterinarian's advice.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri


LINKSKIN ® pills : 32 pills of 1500 mg, 48 g

GTIN code 8032644301313


LINKSKIN ® spray : bottle of 200 ml

GTIN code 8032644301481


Made in Italy


LINKSKIN ® pills :  Minerals, plant polyphenols extracted from hydrolyzed lignocellulose, yeast, dehydrated animal proteins, maltodextrin, tyndallized Lactobacillus rhamnosus SGL06, magnesium salts of organic acids, dry cucumber extracts, argan oil, β-caseine, tyndallized Lactobacillus reuteri SGL01, colostrum, ultra filtered animal proteins (β-defensins).

ADDITIVES PER kg: Nutrional additives; Vitamin D3: 200 000 U.I.  Technological additives; Microcrystalline cellulose: 30 000 mg, Coloidal silica: 30 000 mg. Organoleptic additives; Lippia ssp : 3 333 mg.



LINKSKIN ® spray : Tyndallized lactobacilli (Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus reuteri), plant polyphenols, dried tamarind extracts, algae extracts, purified water.

How to buy our products?

If you are an individual, you can purchase our products from your vet.

Si vous êtes vétérinaire, veuillez utiliser notre page contact pour connaître nos tarifs et modalités de commande.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri