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Our products

Our Products

MP Neutrox

Patented professional odour neutraliser 


Patented odour neutraliser, MP NEUTROX neutralises unpleasant odours in two or three sprays via three mechanisms:

1) Masking:
The pleasant, non-persistent fragrance does not cause the animals any discomfort

2) Absorption - dispersion:
Small micro-droplets from this aerosol have a very large surface area/mass ratio. They dissolve unpleasant organic compounds present in the air and thus help to reducing their concentration.

3) Neutralisation - Destruction:

Due to the presence of reactive double bonds, the patented odour neutraliser reacts against many malodorous molecules. The pump dispenser delivers the amount necessary to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.  




Two to three sprays. 750 doses.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri


75 ml (750 doses) 

GTIN code 3401145278915

Made in France


  • Patented odour neutraliser
  • Specific odour abosber
  • Mp diol glycol
  • Vegetable Ethyl alcohol

How to buy our products?

If you are an individual, you can purchase our products from your vet.

Si vous êtes vétérinaire, veuillez utiliser notre page contact pour connaître nos tarifs et modalités de commande.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri