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Foaming ceruminolytic ear cleanser for dogs (do not use on cats).

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate is a powerful cerumenolytic that rapidly detaches cerumen. Carbamide peroxide is a foaming agent that moves cerumen, dirt and even some cerumen stoppers to the ear’s surface, thereby easing its painless removal.


OTOPROF is used by the veterinarian during ordinary appointments or under anaesthesia for the cleansing of ear during cerumen excesses or discharges, or in case of very dirty ears.

Insert a few drops in the ear duct and delicately massage the ear’s base. Remove the foam with a compress or a cotton. When the foam is clean, rinse the ear several times with warm water or a physiological solution.

Repeat once to twice a week if necessary. Do not use every day.

Check the ear drums’ integrity before use.

Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri


100 ml Bottle 


GTIN Code 8009722003025


Made in Italy


  • Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Propylene glycol
  • Deionized water

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Triman, emballages ménagers et consignes de tri