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How and what should I use to clean a wound?

The first step consists in rinsing the wound abundantly with fresh water in order to get rid of the debris and blood. Tap water works perfectly. In the event of a burn, it is recommended you leave it under cold water for approximately 8 minutes. It can be useful to cut the hair around, for hygienic purposes but also just to see better! Be careful to dry the wound well, with a compress for instance, before moving on to the next step.

It is then important to disinfect the wound. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are not recommended as they are painful and your companion may react in uncontrollable ways. Certain disinfectants also slow healing. Chlorhexidine is one such adapted disinfectant. If your dog is burned, avoid using greasy substances initially they could heat the burn and worsen it. You can also use a skin cleansing product.

If you notice the presence of a foreign body (large splinter, a piece of glass, nail...), do not remove it yourself. There is a risk of haemorrhage. Urgently consult your veterinarian.




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