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13.13 When should I see my veterinarian?

If, despite

  • the regular administration of external pest medication,
  • the use of an appropriate shampoo or skin lotion,
  • having rinsed the previous shampoo thoroughly,
  • un brossage régulier, avec du matériel adapté,
  • regular brushing, with adapted tools,


your dog

  • scratches itself,
  • has a bad smell,
  • has red skin,
  • has dandruffs(?),
  • is losing a lot of fur or has bald patches,
  • has a dull coat,

Talk about it with your veterinarian!

Certain cases require a specific intervention, with further tests (like a search for pests, bacteria(?), or fungi with a microscope or a blood test) and local or oral treatment via prescription drugs (antibiotics(?), for instance). Your veterinarian may prescribe a therapeutic diet or direct you towards a veterinarian specializing in dermatology.

Finally, if despite recommendations on how to manage a dog that does not want to be brushed nor bathed, you are still having difficulties, talk about it with your veterinarian. He or she will advise a medical appointment with a behaviour specialist.



That you ask yourself about your companion

13.1 Why is it important to brush and bathe my dog?

13.2 When and how regularly should I wash and brush my dog?

13.3 How to brush my dog?

13.4 I’m not able to brush my dog, what should I do?

13.5 How to bathe my dog?

13.6 My dog is afraid of water; how can I wash it?

13.7 My dog is losing its hair

13.8 How can I make my dog’s coat shinier?

13.9 The contours of my white dog’s eyes are brown

13.10 The hair on my white dog’s legs is brown

13.11 My dog has dandruff

13.12 How to choose my dog's shampoo?

13.14 The structure of the skin and hair

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Conditioning Shampoo

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