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13.6 My dog is afraid of water; how can I wash it?

It is recommended that you accustom your dog to bathing from a very young age. Certain dogs are unfortunately afraid of water! Do not rush it, it is better to accustom it progressively. Start by calling you dog in the bathroom. Reassure it and give it a reward. Repeat these steps over several days. Once your companion is used to the room, get it used to the sound of the water running by following exactly the same steps. Then get it used to being in the tub without directing the water at it, then wet the legs, the bottom, the entire body, etc. Avoid hairdryers, the noise may scare your dog! Have everything close by: shampoo, towels, etc. The calmer you are, the better the bath will go! Don’t forget that stress is communicative, talk to your dog and reassure it!

If despite all of these precautions your dog let will not let itself be handled, it may be interesting to see a veterinarian specialized in behaviour.

Finally, there are alternatives such as dry shampoos or wipes.



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