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13.11 My dog has dandruff

There can be many reasons to your dog having dandruff(?), particularly on its back. Internal or external pests, as well as allergies or skin diseases can be the cause of dandruff(?). It is recommended that you discuss it with your veterinarian. It can be interesting to add essential fatty acids capsules to your dog’s bowl (ω3ω6). You can also use a sebum(?) regulating spray that acts on dandruff(?) locally.




That you ask yourself about your companion

13.1 Why is it important to brush and bathe my dog?

13.2 When and how regularly should I wash and brush my dog?

13.3 How to brush my dog?

13.4 I’m not able to brush my dog, what should I do?

13.5 How to bathe my dog?

13.6 My dog is afraid of water; how can I wash it?

13.7 My dog is losing its hair

13.8 How can I make my dog’s coat shinier?

13.9 The contours of my white dog’s eyes are brown

13.10 The hair on my white dog’s legs is brown

13.12 How to choose my dog's shampoo?

13.13 When should I see my veterinarian?

13.14 The structure of the skin and hair

MP LABO recommends

The following products

Agepi ω3ω6

Essential Fatty Acids ω3ω6


Zincoseb spray


Soothing and sebum-regulating shampoo for cats and dogs.