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13.12 How to choose my dog's shampoo?

It is necessary to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations at all times. If your dog is already under local treatment or uses specialized shampoo due to a specific diagnosis and you wish to use any other shampoo (be it dry or liquid), ask your veterinarian for advice.

There are also alternatives to classic shampoos, such as dry foam shampoos. They can be useful to freshen up your dog between two shampoos or for dogs that can’t stand water! Wipes are also interesting for small zones, like its paws or rectum for instance.

In certain cases, such as if your tap water is very hard and thus irritating or if your dog has a very sensitive or dry skin, it is advised to use a hydrating lotion after the shampoo


How to choose your shampoo.



That you ask yourself about your companion

13.1 Why is it important to brush and bathe my dog?

13.2 When and how regularly should I wash and brush my dog?

13.3 How to brush my dog?

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13.5 How to bathe my dog?

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13.11 My dog has dandruff

13.13 When should I see my veterinarian?

13.14 The structure of the skin and hair

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Foaming cleansing solution for regular washing of all types of cat and dog coats. 


Foaming cleansing and moisturizing solution for cats and dogs.



Foaming cleansing and moisturizing solution conceived for regular cat and dog washing.


Conditioning Shampoo

Mallow flower extract Conditioning Shampoo 

CLX pocket


Zincoseb spray

Ermidra mousse