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How to brush my dog?

It is recommended to use material adapted to your dog’s size and to the length of its coat. There are 3 steps: untangle, remove dead coat and undercoat hair and finally, polish the coat. Adapted gear will enable you to me more efficient but more importantly to preserve your companion’s skin! To speed up brushing, you can use a detangling and polishing spray.

It will be easier to accustom your dog to brushing and all other manipulations from a young age. Your dog needs to see this as an opportunity to relax!





That you ask yourself about your companion

Why is it important to brush and bathe my dog?

When and how regularly should I wash and brush my dog?

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How to bathe my dog?

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The structure of the skin and hair

MP LABO recommends

The following products

Conditioning hair spray

Shea butter conditioning hair spray