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13.5 How to bathe my dog?

If you wash your dog in your tub, it may be a good idea to place a non-slip mat at the bottom of it. Make yourself comfortable before you start. Let water run before putting your dog in the tub in order to prevent any panic reactions, especially if your dog is not a great fan of baths! If your dog is subject to otitis, place in its ear an earplug made of a compress or of a tissue, this will avoid water running into the ear.  

  • If your dog has a long coat, it is preferable to brush it before bathing it.
  • Soak your dog’s coat and undercoat with warm water.
  • Apply the shampoo afterwards, spread it uniformly on your dog’s entire body and massage. Be careful with certain zones, such as eyes or ears! It is necessary to use a shampoo for dogs. Indeed, shampoos made for humans, even those for babies, are not adapted to your dog’s skin’s pH(?) and could provoke an irritation. There are various types of shampoos for dogs, adapted to your companion’s skin type! It is important to respect the recommended duration of the wash, especially when using a special shampoo prescribed by your veterinarian. If necessary, go through these steps again.
  • Abundantly rinse the coat and undercoat with clear water. There must be no foam left!
  • Take your dog out of the tub and dry it, ideally with a microfiber towel. These absorbing towels allow you to dispense with the hairdryer, which often causes burns. If you do use a hairdryer, make sure you set the temperature so that the air blown out is not too hot and maintain the dryer at a good distance from your dog’s skin. Be careful with its ears and eyes!
  • Finally, remember to withdraw the plugs from its ears.

It is important to accustom your dog to bathing from a very young age. It needs to perceive it as a moment of complicity with you.


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