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Why take care of my dog's teeth?

Why take care of my dog’s teeth?

The importance of a good oral and dental hygiene for humans is well known! Sadly, it is common that we pay less attention to our dog’s mouth.

And that's a mistake!

Indeed, putting in place a good oral and dental hygiene for your companion slows the creation of dental plaque(?). This plaque, qui naturally clings to the teeth’s enamel (?)is a mix of saliva, aliments and bacteria(?). With time it mineralizes and becomes scale(?).

By regularly brushing your dog’s teeth, you avoid bad breath but also and more importantly infections, gingivitis(?) and other oral illnesses such as the periodontal. The latter can lead to teeth loss because of the weakening of the supporting tissues and bones.

Be careful: it is important to put a routine in place with your dog from a very young age!


That you ask yourself about your companion

When and with what frequency should I take care of my dog’s teeth?

How and what should I use to take care of my dog’s teeth?


When should I see my veterinarian?


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