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Why clean my dog's eyes?

It is common to see dirt around the eyes. Most often, this is dust collected by tears. Your companion will feel better after you have washed it!

Sometimes, your dog might rub its eyes, have red eyes, or have one eye more closed than the other. Cleaning its eyes will do it good. Be careful however, if cleaning does not make the situation better, or if you find your dog less lively than usual, a visit to the veterinarian needs to be scheduled!

It is important that you keep in mind that certain races are more prone to ocular problems than others. For instance, dogs with a short face (brachycephalic types) have bulging eyes: they are more sensitive to external aggressions and injure themselves more frequently. Dogs with long hair can also be bothered by those hair if they are too long or in the wrong direction. They can rub against the eye and cause lesions. These races required increased attention. If you have the shadow of a doubt, it is a good idea to plan a visit to the veterinarian.



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