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How and what should I use to take care of my dog’s ears?

It is preferable to use a compress or a paper towel to clean your dog’s ears rather than cotton wool. Small pieces could detach themselves and stay stuck in the duct. Earbuds are not to be used! Your companion’s ear duct being angled, the earbud only pushes dirt and ear wax beyond the bend, which creates a blockage. As for wool, pieces of it risk being detached and getting stuck in the duct! It is preferable to use a compress or a paper towel.

This is how to proceed:

  • prepare the necessary material and have it at your disposal (washing products, compress/paper towel, reward if necessary). 
  • hold the auricle with one hand and with the other, insert the nozzle inside the ear duct. Instil enough of the product so that the entire duct is covered.
  • firmly massage the ear between your thumb and index for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • let your dog shake its head.
  • roll the compress/paper towel around your finger and delicately insert it inside the ear duct to remove secretions and excess ear wash. Also remember to wipe your dog’s auricle and cheek.
  • if necessary, repeat on the other ear.

Also remember to clean the ear wash’s nozzle!

It is recommended to use an ear wash that is adapted to your dog’s secretions, as well as the potential problems it faces. Here you will find information about the various types of ear washes.

Finally, it is paramount you get your companion used to ear cleansing from the earliest age. Don't hesitate to reward it afterwards!




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