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What about dog perfumes?

Dog perfumes are not recommended for the following reasons:

  • A healthy and clean dog does not have any perceptible smell.
  • Your dog’s sense of smell is much more developed than your own. If you spray your companion with perfume, its olfactive receptors run the risk of becoming saturated, and it then becomes difficult for it to explore its environment and communicate with its peers.
  • You are not guaranteed that using a perfume on your dog will fix the problem. There are various possible causes.
  • These perfumes are made up of alcohol and can irritate your dog’s skin. Your dogs may also be allergic to a component.

To freshen up your dog’s coat, you can use a dry shampoo or a conditioning spray.

To get rid of bad smells inside, you can use an odour destroyer.



That you ask yourself about your companion

My dog smells bad when its coat is wet

I have several dogs at home

My car smells bad after I have driven it with my dog

My dog’s coat smells bad

My dog's breath smells foul

My dog’s ears smell bad

My dog’s behind smells bad

MP LABO recommends

The following products

Conditioning hair spray

Shea butter conditioning hair spray

Conditioning Shampoo

Mallow flower extract Conditioning Shampoo 

MP Neutrox

Patented professional odour neutraliser 


Ermidra mousse