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My dog smells bad when its coat is wet

That’s absolutely normal! Certain smelly molecules that until then went unnoticed by your nose are revealed when the coat is wet. These molecules are produced by the bacteria(?) and yeast that populate (in a physiological manner) your companion’s skin.

If your dog stayed outside under the rain or that you are back from a long walk in a humid and windy place (by the sea for instance), just let your dog’s coat dry and then brush it. Once dry, the hair will stop smelling! In that time, you can use an odour destroyer to get rid of your dog's smell in your car or home.

If, however, your dog set its mind on swimming in stagnant water, rolling itself in cow dung or that of its fellow dogs, it is time you give him a shampoo! Here is how to find an adapted shampoo.




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