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Food supplements

What should I do if my dog is scared of fireworks and storms?

Fear of storms and fireworks is very frequent for dogs. The cause of this fear can be linked to several factors: hereditary, a bad experience due to a loud noise coming from an unknown source, or may come from someone around the dog. Beyond the noise, there can be vibrations and intense flashing lights. Fear can transform in stress or even in phobia!

What makes handling the fear of thunder complicated is the sudden and sometimes unforeseeable nature of storms. During the summer, when storms are more frequent you can anticipate, as you can also do for planned fireworks, by giving your companion food supplements that will help soothe it, starting treatment 15 days before the fireworks (Anxivet®).

Also remember to setup a calm and secure place, close the windows and doors to lower the noise’s volume and do not show any signs of stress yourself. On the contrary, speak calmly in order to avoid adding onto your companion’s fear with a bad reaction.

If the fear is really out of proportion (phobia) you need to ask your veterinarian for some advice, he or she will be able to prescribe medication.



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