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Food supplements

What are stress and fear for a dog?

  • Fear is an emotional state of alarm and agitation, triggered by a present or impending danger. It is a normal emotion for a dog, which allows it to survive in its environment.
  • Stress is a normal adaptive response to an adverse, uncontrollable situation. This reaction is individual: certain dogs feel stress at ordinary, daily situations while others remain unperturbed. At times, if stress persists, adverse consequences for the organism may become manifest, which is why it is important to anticipate potential stressful situations (noises, fireworks, travels…) in order to limit their effects.
  • Phobia is an immoderate reaction to an event that normally has little effects on other dogs. In that case it is important to see your veterinarian.

With a little observation, it is quite easy to detect signs of stress and of fear in dogs.


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