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Food supplements


Food supplements

How to prepare my dog for a trip?

One dog out of four gets sick in the car, and double the proportion when it comes to going to the veterinarian’s. In certain cases, signs of stress appear during trip preparation, and long before you actually leave! For all trips planned in advance, you can anticipate your dog’s stress and give it a food supplement that will contribute soothing and calming it (Anxivet (c)). All you need to do is start two weeks before your trip in order to make the most of beneficial nutrients. If your dog is often sick in the car, talk about it with your veterinarian, there is medication available.

You can train your dog to stay put in the car: start by placing it in the vehicle without starting the car, progressively turn on the engines, and finally do trips of increasing lengths. Here again, a food supplements that helps your animal to learn can assist it in changing its attitude towards the car (Anxivet®) . Associating being in a car with a pleasant event such as a walk in the woods will help diminish fear of travelling.




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