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Digestive disorders


Digestive disorders

My dog's stomach is growling or is passing a lot of gas

Borborygmi, the sounds made from digestion(?), stem from gases present in your dog's digestive tract. There are several possible causes of this rumbling. Firstly, your dog swallows too much air: if it eats too quickly for example, or if it breathes heavily (stress or intense physical effort). Certain races of dogs, particularly those with short or flat faces (such as pugs of bulldogs) swallow a lot of air. Secondly, gases are produced in your dog's digestive tract during digestion(?) of food. This always occurs, but in theory, should not be heard! This could mean that the diet is not entirely adapted to your dog or that its intestinal flora is unbalanced. In this case, it is recommended to complement its diet with pre and probiotics. Activated carbon can also help diminish gases. Finally, if your dog has never done this before, monitor its stool: this could be the early stages of diarrhoea!

To eliminate unbearable smells from the room your companion can be found, you can use an odour destroyer.




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Complementary feed for cats and dogs



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