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Digestive disorders


Digestive disorders

6.2 When should I see my veterinarian?

Any deterioration of your dog's health should serve as a first warning sign! If your dog seems tired, has fever(?), does not eat anymore, vomits, has very liquid or bloody stool, warn your veterinarian.

If you have already taken dietetic action (a reduction in the quantity of food or even fasting) and you have given your dog supplements such as montmorillonite(?) or activated carbon(?) and diarrhoea persists, it is time to book an appointment with your veterinarian.


That you ask yourself about your companion

6.1 Acute or chronic diarrhoea?

6.1.1 Acute diarrhoea

6.1.2 Acute diarrhoea

6.3 My dog's stomach is growling or is passing a lot of gas

6.4 The digestive tract

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Complementary feed for cats and dogs



Complementary feed for cats and dogs



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