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Skin and coat


Skin and coat

12.6 My cat is losing its hair

Moulting is a physiological process by which coat renews itself and adapts to climatic changes. This hair loss will be more important for cats living outdoors or that go out a lot. It occurs twice a year: in spring, when the lighter summer coat grows, and in autumn, when the thicker winter coat grows. Animals that live inside lose their hair all year round!

In any case, it is important to brush your companion regularly in order to get of the dead hair in the coat and undercoat. This allows stimulates the growth of hair. Finally, all the hair you find on your brush is hair you will not have to pick from the floor! Make sure to use adapted tools, and consider using a detangling spray if there are knots or the coat is hard to brush.

In order for your cat to have a healthy coat, you should watch its diet. It is necessary to feed him with high quality food, balanced in proteins(?) and vitamins(?), minerals, oligo-elements and essential fatty acids. Ask your veterinarian for advice. It could be interesting to supplement your cat’s meal with essential fatty acids capsules (ω3ω6).

In certain cases, it is preferable to make an appointment with your veterinarian. Indeed, if bald patches or dandruff(?) appear, or if your cat scratches himself, only your veterinarian will be able to make a diagnostic and prescribe an appropriate treatment!



That you ask yourself about your companion

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