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Skin and coat


Skin and coat

12.10 My cat has stopped grooming itself

There can be various reasons explaining why your cat isn’t grooming itself anymore. Its back may be hurt, it may indicate a behavioural problem, or it may be simply going through a rough patch.

You can wash it with a dry shampoo but keep in mind that in any case it is best to talk about it with your veterinarian. Do remember that this could be your cat showing you it is currently unhappy.



That you ask yourself about your companion

12.1 Why is it important to look after my cat’s skin and coat?

12.2 When and how regularly should I wash and brush my cat?

12.3 How to brush my cat?

12.4 I'm not able to brush my cat, what should I do?

12.5 How to bathe my cat?

12.6 My cat is losing its hair

12.7 How do I make my cat’s coat shinier?

12.8 The contours of my white cat's eyes are brown

12.9 My cat licks its belly and is missing a lot of fur

12.11 My cat has dandruff

12.12 How to choose its shampoo?

12.13 When should I see my veterinarian?

12.14 The structure of the skin and coat

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