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Respiratory problems


Respiratory problems

Cat coryza

Cat flu is a common and very contagious(?) infectious disease. It is often found in feral cats and principally affects kitten, older cats or non-vaccinated or weakened adults.

There are three agents responsible for this affliction: two viruses(?) (the herpesvirus(?) and calicivirus(?) and one bacteria(?) (chlamydia). Only one of those agents is needed for a cat to develop cat flu.

This disease can be transmitted in two ways:

  • through direct contact: sneezing or fights (when cats puff/ spit at each other)
  • through indirect contact: with contaminated fabric, tools or other items, such as their feeding bowls.

Cat flu can affect the eyes, the nose, and/ or the mouth. These varies depending on the agent implicated. Symptoms range from nasal and/ or eye discharge, sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, or gingivitis(?). If the disease evolves, your cat may have fever(?), lose its appetite and experience a general degradation of its health.

A cat can sadly never fully recover from cat flu. Once infected, it will remain so for life. This illness recurs in crises that can be of varied intensity and reactivates in times of stress. The only thing you can do is treat its symptoms(?). You can then use an eye wash, do inhalations(?) with a mix of essential oils adapted to cats, or to use a soothing mouthwash. If after a week the symptoms(?) have not faded or if your cat’s health degrades (fever(?), loss of appetite), you are advised to see your veterinarian.

Finally, to protect your cat, it is important that you vaccinate(?) it. Talk about it to your veterinarian.



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