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Mobility disorders


Mobility disorders

What can I do to prevent and attenuate my cat's joint pains?

Since mobility disorders, in particular arthritis, affect sixty percent of cats over six years old and ninety percent of those over 12, it is important to prevent the evolution of the disease from a very young age. To do so, it is recommended to: 

  • watch your cat's weight (being overweight or obese is considered to be a inflammatory disease and participates to the development, maintenance and worsening of mobility disorders),
  • maintain a moderate physical activity, including during crises,
  • offer it a high-quality diet.

You can help supplement your cat's diet with ω3 fatty acids that contribute to the fight against the inflammation and to chondroprotective nutrients (CartimaxGlycosane). These are precursors to the material that makes up the cartilage(?)'s matrix. Some food supplements made out of chondroprotective nutrients of vegetal origin, which act on inflammation and pain.  Studies showed that using this type of supplements allows for the decrease of the anti-inflammatories during crises.



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