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Food supplements

How do I create an environment that respects my cat's well-being?

While living amongst us, cats still need to find the space in their environment to express their specific behaviours. A poorly adapted environment can be a source of fear and stress, and create the risk of serious disorders such as urinary problems. In your home, your cat must therefore have:

  • A safe space: cats need to be able to hide, and be far from noise.
  • A quiet place to sleep: it needs to be able to sleep without being bothered and have a place to hide.
  • It needs to be able to play, hunt, explore heights.
  • It needs to be able to stretch and scratch items dedicated to that purpose, without being punished.
  • It needs to have easy access to its food (cats have between 9 and 16 meals a day).
  • Its litter needs to be changed every day.
  • If you have to transport it (visit to the veterinarian or trips), you can get your cat used to its pet carrier.



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