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Food supplements

How can I prepare my cat for a visit to the veterinarian?

In some cases, your cat needs to consult a veterinarian. Numerous cat-owners fear this moment… you therefore have to prepare for it. You can limit the effects of stress by teaching your cat very early to use its pet carrier and be transported by car. You can facilitate these habituations by using food supplements that help the learning process and limit the effects of stress (Anxivet®).

Once in the waiting room, keep your cat on your knees and speak to it softly in order to reassure it. By keeping a towel over the carrier, you prevent it from seeing other animals (cats and dogs) that might scare it. In some cases, such as peak hours, leave your cat in the ventilated car while you wait your turn.

If the stress becomes too overwhelming for your cat, inform your veterinarian before the visit; he or she will be able to recommend medication, which at times might be necessary.



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