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Digestive disorders


Digestive disorders

3.4 Fibers

Fibers are not assimilated by a cat's organism, and thus provide no energy. Their role is neverthless primordial: they allow for proper intestinal functioning. There exist several types of fibers(?):

  • Cellulose: this is an insoluble fiber that stimulate transit by playing the role of a couterbalance;
  • FOS(?) (fructo-oligosaccharides) : these are soluble and fermentable fibers(?) that favour the maintenance of intestinal flora;
  • Mucilages (suh as psyllium): these are soluble and nonfermentable fibers(?) that swell by attaching themselves to water and transforming into gel, which improves transit.





That you ask yourself about your companion

3.1 What are the causes of constipation?

3.2 When should I see my veterinarian?

3.3 How should I manage constipation and avoid it returning?

3.5 My cat's stomach is growling or it is passing a lot of gas

3.6 The digestive tract

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