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Digestive disorders


Digestive disorders

Chronic diarrhea

If your cat's diarrhea persists for more than ten days, it is very likely that you have already consulted your veterinarian. He or she will therefore probably have recommended one, or perhaps even two, treatments with dietary measures, a change in diet, a deworming(?) program, antibiotics(?)... Perhaps he or she has also dicussed blood or stool analyses. Overcoming chronic diarrhea is not always a simple task, as there are numerous causes, and each case is different! It is possible that your veterinarian also recommended trying a range of diets in succession. It is important that you follow his or her recommendations closely. It is important to note that approximately sixty percent of chronic diarrheas are a result of a change in diet.

In addition to the treatments prescribed by your veterinarian, it is possible to use supplements such as fibers(?), activated carbon(?), or montmorillonite(?). During chronic diarrhea, it is essential to also combat inflammation and reestablish a balance of intestinal flora. In this case, consider giving your cat pre and probiotics. In these situations, it is recommended you ask your veterinarian for advice.   




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