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Digestive disorders


Digestive disorders

5.1 Acute or chronic diarrhea?

There are multiple causes to diarrhea: it can originate in a poorly adapted consumption, the presence of internal parasites(?), as well as more serious disturbances. Firstly, it is important to distinguish acute diarrhea from chronic diarrhea: the former lasting only a few days, and the latter having been present for more than ten days. However, the change in overall state of your companion should be of greater concern than the amount of time it is afflicted with diarrhea.



That you ask yourself about your companion

5.1.1 Acute diarrhea

5.1.2 Chronic diarrhea

5.2 When should I see my veterinarian?

5.3 My cat's stomach is growling or it is passing a lot of gas

5.4 The digestive tract

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