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Innovative by Nature

30 years on, an approach to animal health that remains as innovative.

A pioneer in natural animal health and a key player on the market, MP Labo has been faithful to its founding principles for more than 30 years. Created at the initiative of veterinarians, MP Labo develops its products according to a global conception of animal health that takes into account the most recent scientific knowledge. Our ambition is to care for animals by transforming the forces of nature into preventive and curative impulses.

We adhere to our founding values in all our operations and at all levels of production of our products. The manufacturing processes are respectful of animals, humans and the environment.

Our mission:

  • Promote pets’ health through innovative solutions that are in harmony with humans and nature.


Organic care and products for pets

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A unique approach

Roots, leaves, stems, fruit… Through its ‘ECOSOIN Bio des Animaux’ label, Phytobiovet®, can guarantee the natural origin or organic production of the active ingredients found in each product. With our unique know-how, we offer a large range of useful products stemming from nature’s wealth and variety. Behind each Phytobiovet® product is a team of passionate and engaged pharmacists and veterinarians who believe in sustainable development and provide their sincere and wholesome contribution to it.

Environmental responsibility

The coherent commitment underlying the Phytobiovet® product range naturally leads us to adopt the highest standards: from natural or organically produced ingredients to laboratory processes, our ecologically responsible approach strives to encourage virtuous action in our clients and users. Our choice of raw materials and preparation procedures are based in our desire to simultaneously care for animals, their owners and the environment.

A clear organic choice

The Phytobiovet® product range is composed at a minimum, of 95% naturally sourced ingredients and 15% certified organically farmed ingredients. However, promoting natural and organic choices does not merely entail careful ingredient selection. For greater coherence, we pay attention to packaging: bottles and boxes are recyclable, wipes and cotton pads are made of 100% biodegradable and compostable cotton, no excess or useless packaging and no synthetic fragrances!


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MP Labo


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